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Version 1.2.0


Project Metadata – You can now add a description, set a category, and define the status (publish or private) for your projects.

Free Images

Add Pexels – Beyond Pixabay and Unsplash, now you can import images from Pexels.


Add Performance Section – Now you can set the default size for your thumbnail and preview images for your projects to optimize performance.

Introduced Pro Version

AI Image Generator – Create images with the Stable Diffusion model by directly from your WordPress admin dashboard and save them to your media library.

Fronted Editor – Embed the PixMagix editor on any frontend post or page with a shortcode and display a blank editor or a premade template as per your preference.

Template Gallery – Display your PixMagix templates as a masonry grid gallery on the frontend, allowing visitors to preview and even edit them.

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