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How to Install Free Version

This documentation will guide you through the process of installing the PixMagix Free Version plugin on your WordPress website. Follow these simple steps to start using the powerful image editing features that PixMagix offers.


Before beginning the installation process, ensure that:

  • You have a WordPress website set up and active.
  • You have administrator access to the WordPress dashboard.

Step-by-step Installation Process

Follow each step below to install PixMagix Free Version on your WordPress website:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard: Make sure you are logged into your WordPress dashboard with administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to “Plugins” section: In the left menu of your WordPress dashboard, click on the “Plugins” tab.
  3. Add New Plugin: On the Plugins page, click the “Add New” button at the top.
  4. Search for PixMagix: In the search bar located in the upper right corner of the ‘Add Plugins’ page, type “PixMagix” and hit “Enter”.
  5. Locate PixMagix Plugin: You will see the PixMagix plugin in the search results, usually accompanied by the plugin’s logo and a brief description. Verify that you’ve found the correct plugin by checking the author and the ratings.
  6. Install PixMagix Plugin: Click the “Install Now” button located next to the PixMagix plugin. This will initiate the installation process. Be patient as it may take a few moments to complete the installation.
  7. Activate PixMagix Plugin: Once the installation process is complete, the “Install Now” button will change to “Activate”. Click the “Activate” button to enable the PixMagix plugin on your WordPress website.
  8. Verify PixMagix Installation: In the left menu of your WordPress dashboard, locate and click on the “PixMagix” tab. This will confirm that the plugin has been successfully installed and activated.

Now that PixMagix Free Version has been installed on your WordPress website, you can access its various features and begin designing awesome images for your site.

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