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Version 1.1.0


  • Introduced gradients – Now you can add not only colors, but also linear, and radial gradients for canvas background, and layers’ fill color.
  • Improved color picker – Added color palette. You can switch between picker, and palette to pick up colors.
  • Improved SVG exporter – Added width, height, and preserve aspect ratio options.
  • Fix: bugs in svg exporter.
  • Fix: bugs in keyboard shortcuts actions.

Admin Dashboard

Some new submenu has been added to the PixMagix admin menu.

  • Templates – Introduced pre-made templates library
  • Free Images – Integrated with Pixabay, and Unsplash – Now you can import, and edit free images from these websites.
  • Fonts – Introduced font manager. You can add your own web safe fonts to font family list you want to use for your projects, also pick google fonts.
  • Settings – Introduced general settings subpage in PixMagix.


  • Introduced role capability manager for greater security.
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